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Stickers (Pack of 30) $20

*Shipping only available to USA and Canada.

Introducing charity: water's Assorted Sticker Pack - turning your everyday items into a way to raise awareness about clean water for people around the world! 

The Assorted Sticker Pack is a fantastic way to wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather, on your devices, reminding you of the amazing work you're supporting. Great for fundraising campaigns, schools, event booths, or live events.

10 charity: water Water Changes Everything (beige) stickers
10 charity: water Jerry Can (yellow) stickers
10 Water Changes Everything water droplet (blue) stickers

2"x2" white vinyl stickers, matte laminate

The Jerry Can is a symbol of the water crisis. Learn more.
Profits from each sticker pack fund our operating costs and help us grow.