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Sahel Tee $20

*Shipping only available to USA and Canada.

“Whether or not I was afraid, I had to go back to that well. Water is life. You go where life is.” —Aissa

When Aissa said this, it echoed in our hearts. She lives in one of the harshest places to live on Earth—the Sahel region of Africa. Seventeen years ago, with her baby on her back, she fell into the deep, open well where she collects water every day.

We loved Aissa’s words so much, we put them on a t-shirt. This comfy, soft-printed shirt is nothing like the rough environment in the Sahel, but wearing one can help make people’s lives there better. 

Size & fit: This shirt is unisex and fits both boys and girls. Made by Bella canvas. 52% cotton / 48% poly.

Profits from each shirt fund our operating costs and help us grow. Printed by our good friends Wunder in Brooklyn, NY.